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about GAME

Deus lo Vult is a board game for two to four treacherous and greedy marauders and murderers. Based on opulent European manuscripts of the 12th to 15th centuries, the game draws heavily on the military games played by the medieval aristocracy all over the world: shogi, xiangqi, chaturanga, and backgammon.

You control an army of crusaders trying to loot as much treasure from the Holy Land as possible. At the same time, you hinder the progress of other players using the mutually shared army of the Saracens. 

key features

✧ Quick Setup (less than five minutes)

✧ Language-independent game assets

✧ Easy to learn, hard to master

✧ Adjustable gameplay complexity

✧ Shared control over enemy units

✧ Unique movement and combat mechanics

✧ Army building

✧ Camp management

✧ God-sent Divine Will events

✧ Plundering-centered gameplay


✧ Gold-Foiled Laminated Magnetic Book-Shaped Game Box (300x300x65mm)

✧ Double-Sided Gold-Foiled Laminated Game Board (560 x 740 mm)

✧ Gold-Edged Divine Will cards (48 pcs)

✧ Saracenic Coins (36 pcs)

✧ Plastic Organizer

✧ Double-Sided Gold Foiled Laminated Unit tokens (100 pcs), Quarter tokens (12 pcs), Amenities Tokens (12 pcs), Heroes and Special Unit tokens (24 pcs) (45x45 mm)

✧ Full-Color Illuminated Duel Rules Codex 1.0

✧ Double-Sided Gold-Foiled Laminated Camp Boards (4 pcs) (135x135mm)




"Outremer," or The Latins - the Crusader States joint forces. The Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Principality of Antioch, the County of Tripoli and the County of Edessa united: “King of Jerusalem” - Outremer Game board corner camp, 2 Knights, 4 The Gasmouloi, 2 Cavalry, 2 Archers, 4 Pavesiers, 2 Belfries, 2 Trebuchets, 2 Turcopoli and King of Jerusalem.

This is an Auxiliaries Army Add-On. During the game, you can use them combined with your main Army in any combinations within the designated Army Points limit.

Available Now!

Fates & Fortunes


13-pack of Amenities and Divine Will Cards, including the Alchemist to pimp your Greek Fire (and also grant the educated drinking buddy to the Meister of Engines), the Chapel to pray for the sinful souls of your fallen, the Stable to make your Cavalry more effective, and More Divine Will cards to manage the Purgatorium: Indulgentia, Anathema, Excommunicatio and Descendit Ad Inferos.

This Add-On adds a bunch of new Amenities and Divine Will cards to use in Campaign and extended Duel modes.

Available Now!



The add-on has a bunch of new units:

2 Knights, 2 The Camel Archers, 2 Cavalry, 4 Archers, 4 Light Cavalry, 2 Greek Fire, 2 Trebuchets, 2 Imams and 1 Saladin.

This Add-On Army will dramatically increase the power of Saracenic Army. Mix them with your regular Saracines during the initial setup and deploy as usually.

Available Now!


Popular Crusade Add-on

The add-on consists of:

“Bishop’s Camp” - board corner camp, 2 Knights, 4 Marauders, 4 Pilgrims, 4 Slingers, 2 Pavesiers, 2 Cavalry, 2 Clerics, 2 Axemen and 1 Pierre Hermit.

This Add-On Army can be used as an Auxiliary Add-On or as a standalone Army.

Available Now!

Knights Templar Add-on

The addon consists of:

The addon consists of: “Gonfanon Baussant” - Templar Game board corner camp, 2 Knights, 4 Sergeants, 2 Cavalry, 2 Archers, 4 Pavesiers, 2 Belfries, 2 Trebuchets, 2 Chaplains and 1 Grand Master.

During the game, you can use them together with your main Army in any combinations within the designated Army Points limit. 

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Full Set

This set includes:

Game Box + 5 add-ons

Available Now!

Most popular

All-Stars Set

This set includes:

5 add-ons only

Available Now!


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